Unique Developer  work closely with clients to organize customized QA process that meets the intensive requirements of every project. We also provide stand-alone DQA services for files that are DTP’ed elsewhere. For every project, a thorough checklist of check points is drawn up to aid the DQA process.

Major areas that are concentrated on include:

  • General layout

  • Pagination

  • Content

  • Tables

  • File naming

  • Language nuances

The DQA team strictly adheres to our standard QA procedures and checklists to ensure highest accuracy levels at all stages. The team’s familiarity with Acrobat’s editing tool helps in achieving targets with a full QA of DTP work ensuring the basics such as:

  • Document size

  • Layout, fonts

  • Styles

  • TOC

  • Cross-references

  • Graphics

  • Index entry

Quality Assurance include:

  • Proof Reading
  • Online Annotation
  • Design and Layout Quality Confirmation
  • Quality Check and Fix Process
  • QA Process
  • Functional QA testing for interactive PDFs / e-Learning products.

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